Art Audio Carissa SET 845 Copper Reference 18w Integrated Amplifier

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Just like our stereo power amp, the Carissa Integrated amp is an amazing unit.  Just like the original amp, this one sacrifices absolute power to double the current output.  It may only be 18w, but they are 18 spectacular watts.  

The added current ensures outstanding performance in frequency extremes.  Tight bass and crisp treble compared to other 845 SET amps with higher power ratings.  And you get the dynamic, light, airy midrange that 845 tubes are known for.  The soundstage is immersive and delivers an unbelievably satisfying listening experience.  

This latest Carissa edition is a Copper Reference which means that it is wired using only continuous cast copper and is fitted with Art Audio's Silver Foil Coupling Capacitors.  It also has our MKII standard power supply and transformers which are extraordinarily quiet.  

Remote volume control and three RCA type inputs make this a spectacular integrated amplifier.  

Works best with speakers that have an SPL rating of 87dB or higher for music.    


  • Power - 18w Per Channel
  • Type - SET 845 Power Tube
  • Frequency Response - 20hz to 60,000hz +/- 0.5dB at 1W
  • Frequency Response - 35hz to 30,000hz +/- 1.5dB at Full Power
  • Input Sensitivity - 750mv
  • Input Impedance - 180 KΩ
  • Output Impedance - 4Ω & 8Ω
  • Noise at Speaker Terminals - Typically 1.5mv
  • Feedback - 9 dB
  • Biasing - Automatic Electronic
  • Rectifier - Solid State, 2 Stage Choke Filters
  • Drivers - 6922 and 12 BH7

Available with multiple options

  • Glass Lums
  • Blue Lights

This product is made to order in the UK.  Delivery typically takes 4-6 Weeks.