Are you the same "Art Audio USA" that sold and distributed Art Audio prior to 2009 or Hudson Audio which distributed them after 2009?

No.  Art Audio USA was a distribution company that went out of business in 2009.  We have no affiliation with them and no persons involved in Art Audio USA have any affiliation with Verdant Audio Inc. Hudson Audio went out of business after the owner fell ill.  Again, we have no affiliation.  The common thread is simply that we distribute and sell the Art Audio brand.  

We are Verdant Audio Inc and are a new company that was founded in 2018.  We manufacture and sell speakers under our own brand, sell and distribute Art Audio products and retail several lines of other products.    

If you have questions, comments or concerns about products sold by Art Audio USA and Hudson Audio, please Contact Us.  

What is your return policy?

You may return Electronic items that are like new with all accessories for any reason within 30 Days from the day your item(s) are delivered to your home.  Product must be like new and in original packaging.  Please Contact Us if your need to return your item.

What is your product warranty?

There is a three year manufacturers warranty on all Art Audio products, six months on tubes.  If you have a warranty issue on a new purchase, please Contact Us.  For all other products, the manufacturer warranty applies.  

I have existing equipment and need to get it repaired.  Can you help me?

Yes.  We have two recommend service centers for your repairs.  Please Contact Us if you need assistance.  

What are Lums and why should I get them?

Lums (Scottish for Chimney) are glass cylinders on metal collars surrounding the power valves on several of the amplifiers.  They offer some technical benefits beyond looking good.  Lums promote a draft upward, drawing cool air up through the amp and around the tube.  This means a cooler valve and less heat radiated out toward the amp body keeping it cooler as well.  This leads to reduced acoustic feedback and improved distortion levels.  Additionally they provide a safety measure to ensure itchy fingers don't touch the valves directly.  

Why blue lights?

Why not blue lights?  Combines with the Lums, it leads to a very cool visual effect.  

What is automatic biasing?

This holds the current valve draw at its present level and helps keep the valve performing at its optimal level at times delivering longer valve life and reliability.

What is a Sentry Circuit?

Our unique Sentry Circuit monitors thermal runaway and over current conditions and shuts down the high voltage supply in those scenarios preventing damage to the amplifier.  Simply turn off the amp, remove and reinsert the valve and switch the amp back on to reset the circuit.  

What do we mean by "Silver Reference"?

In our "Master Class Silver Reference" series such as our Silver Harmony Amplifiers, all the signal carrying wires are pure 5N (99.999%) silver enabling these products to produce an almost ethereal purity of sound.  We also offer "Silver Reference" service on all our amplifiers, phono stages and preamps.  These can be purchase as Silver Reference models new or if you have an existing unit, it can be upgrade to "Silver Reference."

What do we mean by "Copper Reference"?

In our "Copper Reference" series, these units are wired using continuous cast copper and are fitted with Art Audi's Silver Foil Coupling Capacitors.  In the case of the Vinyl One Copper Reference Phono Stage, it is further enhanced with non electrolytic capacitors across the filter caps.