About Art Audio

  Founded in 1988 by Tom Willis, Art Audio is a producer of some of the world's very best hi-fi equipment.  This has been accomplished via a singular vision to enable the listener to derive the maximum enjoyment from the sound of recorded music.

Developments in digital sound and microprocessor technology have led to a re-emergence of interest in valve amplifiers.  This seems counterintuitive, but enthusiasts experience the musicality that valves can release from otherwise aggressive sounding digital sources.  In their quest for optimum sound quality, Art Audio adopted the valve, and all other elements were chosen to perfectly complement this critical component.

Many years development and patient attention to engineering detail resulted in a range of valve based amplifiers characterized by their perfection in performance. Acclaimed by critics. Adored by users.

Inspiration for the Art Audio range of valve amplifiers came from its founder, Tom Willis.  A professional engineer and music lover he has long recognized the inherent qualities present in traditional equipment, simply not found in contemporary technology.

To create the finest performance in sound, Art Audio maintains a view on the past and a vision for the future