Capital Audiofest Room 525

Capital Audiofest Room 525

Please come visit us at Capital Audiofest Room 525.  We will be showing the Art Audio Conductor Preamp, Quartet Mono-Blocks, Vinyl One Phono Stage, Composer Solo Turntable and Phase 1 Power Supply. 

For partner products, the Verdant Audio Bambusa MG 1s and Blackthorns will be on display along with Kimber Kable interconnects, Roon Nucleus+,  Musical Fidelity M3CD, Ortofon TA-110 Tonearm and Cadenza Blue MC Cartridge.  We will also have a prototype subwoofer from Verdant Audio and our new hardwood stands.  

If you would like to schedule a private listening session before or after show hours, please contact us and we can arrange for a private, 30 minute listening sessions.  

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