VTL MB-185 Mono Blocks

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VTL's MB-185 Mono Blocks are in spectacular condition.  There are two small nicks in the top edge of one of the amplifiers which you will see in the attached photos.  The amplifiers offer a deep and immersive soundstage and a ton of power.  Rated at 90w in triode, 180w in Tetrode, they will power any speaker within reason.

The amplifiers are 10-11 years old and I am the second owner.  I purchased them in August so that I would have a reference quality amplifier to use while developing my line of speakers for Verdant Audio.  I have since taken on distribution of Art Audio and no longer need these.

I do not know how old the tubes are in the amplifiers as that was not clear at time of purchase.   That being said, I am including 12 brand new Tung-Sol 6550s, a pair of Mullard 12 AT7s and Electro-Harmonix 12 BH7s with Gold Pins ordered directly from Electro-Harmonix.      
Original packaging and manuals are included.     

Shipping will be a flat $225 for insured transit anywhere in the US.