Used - Art Audio Adagio Stereo SET Amp (27w)

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This amp is on consignment for a customer and will ship from Rhode Island.  No returns accepted on used or consignment gear.  

This is a very limited production amplifier from Art Audio in 2006.  Based on a similar circuit as our flagship Adagio Parallel SET ($35K per pair), the Stereo Adagio uses the Alesa Vaic AV325B Ref Triode, one of the worlds most powerful SET Tubes.  This amp outputs 27w as a SingleEnded Triode.  There are few SETs that deliver this kind of power.

This amp has one set of RCA inputs but is also equipped with a volume control.  This gives you the flexibility to use the amp as either an Integrated Amp with one input or it can be connected to a preamp and used as a power amp.  

The current owner is the second owner of the amplifier.  He is selling because in the 10 years that he has owned it, the amp has barely been used.  He estimates that the power tubes have less than 100 hours on them, so it will be plenty of time before the tubes need replacement.  

The Alesa Vaic tube is a brilliant power tube that has a ton of power and will have an iron grip on your speakers.  The Vaic brand name was discontinued and became Ayon.  The current tubes can be replaced with the EML 1605s or Ayon 52B-S.  

Although a little older, the amplifier is in great condition.  Please see the attached photographs for a few small blemishes.  The photos are extensive.  The noteworthly blemishes are in the back above the heat sink where the metal seams come together.  

Art Audio has two authorized service centers; one in Ann Arbor, Michigan and one in San Jose, California that will support the new owner if any issues arise or you would like to perform preventative maintenance.