Sophia Electric 6SL7 Tubes (single)

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Art Audio only sells Grade A Tubes from Sophia Electric 

Art Audio does not stock Sophia Tubes but Sophia will drop ship directly to you for us.   Free Shipping on all order and they typically ship within 48 hours.

We do need to check inventory.  If Sophia is out-of-stock you will receive a full refund.  

 6SL7 Specification is identical to GE/Sylvania/RCA/Kenrad 6SL7

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Sophia Electric 6SL7 tube does not look like a typical 6SL7. By looking at the internal plate structure, it is more of a European tube structure rather than North American 6SL7. However the vintage European ECC32/33, CV181/CV1988 family of tubes are not real 6SL7 tubes. What is the story? Sophia Electric designers were smart enough to take European virtue combined with North American 6SL7 electrical tube characters, further Added with 1920's brass base accent. This is how these ST shape Sophia Electric 6SL7 tubes were born!

Note: Vintage European CV181/CV1988 historically has been priced in the $150-$200 per tube range, even for used one.

Sophia Electric 6SL7 would sound with a lot of more openness, more clarity and less distortion than the very best from vintage time. It just sounds bigger(better high frequency extension), louder (more drive voltage swing output), more 3-D imaging for sure (due to better testing and matching procedure applied in any tube amplifier and pre-amplifier). Hundreds of users reported Sophia Electric 6SL7 tubes are better than the vintage 6SL7 tubes being replaced, even the best from vintage time.

6SL7, like all dual triode tube, has two sections. To match two sections closely enough is hard enough; match two tubes (four sections would be much harder if high standard of matching method is applied). Note: a lot of internet vendors would only test one section of the tube due to the limitation of their vintage tube tester (like popular TV-7). So those claimed matched may be matched by one section (with assumption that the two sections would be identical). However, that assumption was false one.

Smart buyer would buy Sophia Electric 6SL7 tubes with the best grade you can afford. It will provide for years of enjoyment. Why settle for less? The hidden truth behind cheap price is what you do not know: