Emission Labs 5U4G Mesh (Each)

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5U4Gs are Temporarily out of stock.  We have them on-order from Emission Labs and will fulfill as soon as they are available.    Shipping is free in the US.  Shipping is free in the US

This data sheet applies for the 5Z3-Mesh and 5U4G-Mesh, which are electrically identical, apart from the sockets. 5U4G-Mesh uses as Octal Socket socket, of which only five pins are used (and one of those is electrically not connected). 5Z3-Mesh uses a four Pin UX4 socket.

These are direct replacements for the historical 5U4G or 5Z3. They can not replace 5U4GA or 5U4GB which are different tubes. See Note 4

Note that the Emission Labs® tube is somewhat larger size than the historical tubes. Check below at mechanical data, for details. Like most NOS rectifiers, also the EML rectifiers are Slow-Start tubes, protecting the power supply and the whole amplifier to some degree. The delay time for first function is 2 seconds, and the delay for full current is 7 seconds.

Read More Here:                                                                       http://www.emissionlabs.com/datasheets/EML5U4G.htm