Art Audio Adagio SE 520B 28w Mono-Block Power Amplifier (pair)

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Our ultimate single-ended amplifier with awesome dynamics and exceptional linearity. The Adagio has sensational 3-D sound staging and brings music to life right into your living room with all the emotion the musicians have captured in their performances.

The Adagios leverage a parallel single-ended design which delivers twice the power with little increase in distortion, twice the current for the same voltage, and of course a larger damping factor.

The Adagio uses our unique sentry circuit which ensures over current protection with a soft start. This device puts the amplifier into standby mode until any fault is removed and prevents the electronics being damaged under valve failure conditions.

They have a separate choke filtered power supply for each output valve, two per mono block.  There is an automatic bias control so there is no setup required but the power valves must be matched. In the Adagio we use Hovland Musicaps and 1% metal film resistors.

As with all our amplifiers, we take great pride in our output transformers, recognizing that in many ways, they are the defining part of any valve amplifier. In the Adagio they are really special, with a large core (400 wt capable) designed for high damping, split bobbin multi section with grain orientated laminations.


  • Power – 28w Per Channel
  • Type – Parallel SE 520B Power Tube
  • Frequency Response - 10hz to 22,000hz +/- 0.5dB at 1W
  • Frequency Response - 20hz to 20,000hz +/- 1.0dB at Full Power
  • Input Sensitivity - 500mv
  • Input Impedance - 80 KΩ
  • Output Impedance - 8Ω
  • Noise at Speaker Terminals - Typically 1.2mv
  • Feedback – 0dB
  • Biasing – Automatic Electronic
  • Rectifier - Solid State
  • Drivers – 6922 and 12BH7

Ships with legs, lums & lights.

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